Today I am headed to the New Harbor camp on the other side of McMurdo sound to "pull out." New Harbor is often used to study seals and other diving efforts. We bring the radio equipment back into heated space for the the winter. Experience has shown that temps below -40 will negatively impact unpowered electronic devices. So we don't let much gear sit outside in the winter.

I am getting ready to come home. Bonnie and I are planning on staying low for a while. I am hearing more discussion about favorite foods and the "hummmms" that support a claim of a particular food being a favorite. I am looking forward to dill pickles, iceburg lettuce, bananas, tomatoes and some other stuff yet unidentified.

The picture of the seal was taken from the public domain shared drive here. I took the picture of the 9-meter satellite dish at Pole and the unusual lichen that can sometimes found in the dry valleys.


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