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Northern Tool and Equipment - Online Store - Home Standby/Portable Power We were pretty lucky with the power outages. Some of the folks around here were out of power for a week. No FUN. I had to lay off a couple of people in my department this week. It is very unfortunate, but the company is refocusing and the future of the company appears bright.
TABASCO® Pepperfest - the hot, legendary pepper sauce! We are all ready for work, I feel good and ready. I took this photo for the "scale of economies". Both bottles cost the same amount...hmmm
Blackout! What to do when the electricity fails Well we had quite a snow storm. The electricity is back on now. Actually it was only out for about 24 hours, but these things always seem to happen when you are not fully prepapred. I suppose that is the very nature of preparedness. Expecting the unexpected is not really straightforward. In fact it is impossible and it is a stupid cliche and a basic oxymoron. We had a bout 2 foot of snow in a day. We had a little from before, not much though. Here is a picture of the look outside when I got up. Mind you I plowed and cleared snow before I went to bed. ..and after I made the initial cleanup with the snow blower and bobcat.