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I found an interesting yellow Mushroom tonight while I was out back fixing a hydraulic line on the tractor. It looks like a Amanita Muscaria, but I am not totally sure. I guess that is the nature of shrooms, not ever being totally sure. There is faith involved. We sure have a huge variety of mushrooms. They get more unusual the more you pay attention to them.
Yes, this is another neighbor. Who says you don't find art out here? Note the angry look on the deer face.
We had a hard frost last night. The last frost we had was the second week of June. That is less than 100 days in the growing season. That is not much of a window. This Summer was very wet; weather wise it wasn't much of a Summer. This weekend Pete and Linda came down. I put a new starter on the jeep, worked on some other equipment, rescued Douglas with a broke down car (I use that trailer a lot) and a few other things to be sure.