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I have been absolutely beyond my capacity to do things, in other words I am overwhelmed. I really do not like the feeling when things move from "difficult" to "impossible". It happens occasionally, maybe once every couple of years. I was asked to be Southern Division Governor for Toastmasters. I did not consider it. Between work as a manager, the Tioga County planning board, Berkshire Town planning board, two Toastmasters clubs (one as president), graduate school, the farm and barn rehabing and other projects not mentioned I cannot take on a whole lot more. We had a Toastmasters dinner for the Raymond club. That was fun. We had three speakers from around the area. They gave great speeches. I stayed at nemacolin last week in rural PA for a few days last week for work. The place was really quite something. I understand there is 50 million dollars of art in the resort. It is owned (and resided in) by Joe Hardy the founder of 84 lumber. There is a 4900 foot runwa