Showing posts from March 2, 2003 - Shuttle 'wounded' earlier than thought - Mar. 5, 2003 We have the fencing. We have ordered the Run-in (3 sided building) for the llamas. We will have everything we need in about a week and a half. I have to get some feed this weekend. I have an area 11 contest to host this weekend on Saturday. It looks like we have 4 contestants for each contest. It should be fun. I am a lot less nervous for this area contest than I was for the last one. I received my diploma in the mail yesterday. Those things take quite a while. The big decisions are whether to pursue more school, certifications or what. I still have to decide what is next. I may pursue a certicate in "knowledge management" I may concentrate on the book or the e-commerce website. I have a lot to decide.
Blogging Blogging is really a largely overlooked way to transfer information effectively and easily. My system is set up so my browser effectively works as a two-way browser. When I want to say something I hit a button and type away. There is a lot going on at work. I feel overwhelmed somedays and largely underwhelmed others. Politics at its finest. It is interesting to note that politics has a negative connotation. Should it? I mean politics is what drives dialog and societal progress. I think my personal values at workk are straight forward. I want to to feel effective. Others are are not driven by these values. It may be prestige, honor, money, power and other second-order values. There is little anyone can do to change someone else's values. It is alarming when someone attempts to chnage mine. What are they thinking? How does that reflect on them? An individuals values must not be changed, only identified and aligned with organizational goals. This example is clearly le
Student writes essay in text message form Our language is dynamic. No doubt about it.