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I am back in Duluth, but in reality it might as well be a foreign country. It is all still so new and different. Some things are becoming more familiar, but I need the GPS to find my way around to all, but the simplest of destinations. After living in Berkshire, NY for 10 years, the city life really has shown the deprivation that exists in rural NY state. This week no travel. I am headed to South Dakota and rural Minnesota the week after. I am anxious to get back to Europe (England, France and Germany), but with the Europeans largely on holiday it really isn't practical for a few more weeks. I will be traveling a lot to get ahead of my objectives. I bought a car, finally. The pic shows what the Mercedes (I was planning on buying) looks like after I have had a long chat with myself. I can certainly afford a new BMW or Mercedes. I just know spending money on a fancy car won't make me better. There are lots of opportunities to make myself better (I am looking at a Skip Barber d