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We have had a spectacular Thanksgiving this year. We worked hard on the house and yard. The weather has been perfect. When we were out on the boat the other night we heard a (what I have heard before) a beaver slap. The beaver slap sound is a different from a carp jump. The beaver slap is well ...a slap. A carp jump is a just splash. Looking about we saw the critter, not sure what it is, a Beaver. An otter? You let us know.
Atlanta's Spaghetti Junction ranks as the No. 1 worst freight bottleneck in the entire country.
Installing the electric for the tub was more work than I planned (as usual). Pulling the 6AWG wire though the conduit was a total pain. I laid a bunch of f-bombs and did some thrashing about. The thrashing seems to help get wires through conduit. Anyhow, the spa operational. It is quite nice. We have had a cold snap at the same time so getting out of the tub is a bit traumatic. We went to the Buford Farmers Market Sunday. The place is well known in Atlanta. You can get foods from all over the world and great selections. We got fresh baked Mexican pastries, Ukrainian candies, Russian Herring, Fresh Turkey and chicken and strange fruit from who-knows-where.