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HearthNet Informational Links This is the year of stoves. We just got a new cook stove and I finnaly installed the coal stove we have had. It is definately a neat feeling to go out back and pick through the wood lot for firewood. It is amazing that getting heat for our selves is that easy. Easy with a chain saw that is... I take the jeep out back and hack up a fallen tree. I am working on some hickory now. We lost some small hickories last winter in the ice storm. I have to sharpen the blade often. That hickory gets as hard as the anthacite coal. We are using bagged coal I had around that I got with the used stove we bought eight years ago. It feels good to use something that was in storage so long.
Hard Tack Daniel Zinder - openDemocracy This is an interesting link. Hardtack is the staple of the supply chain. MREs are hard tack?
RCUniverse - The Ultimate RC Site! - Research & Discuss RC Airplanes, RC Helicopters, RC Cars, Boats, Engines, Radios, Park Flyers and more plus RC Classifieds and Auction Got an e-mail today from an old co-worker. He directed me to a website where his writings show his "new" passion. These RC planes are neat. The first time I saw one flying I was absolutely amazed at the performance. It is tough to break the stereotype/archetype of a slow electric powered glider. These things get fast and very powerful, without all the mess of IC propulsion. Our electric fork trucks at work, I suspect, get the same treatment.