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Small Farms Lead Page I have a busy day today...meetings... I a meeting DeWitt in Bainbridge at 5:30. We will drive to Oneonta for a Toastmasters meeting then the long ride home. It takes about an hour and a half to get from Oneonta to my home. That is a long way for TM meeting. Living here, everything is a ways away. It takes over 1/2 an hour to run to the store and back for the simplest of items. Luckily that is a general store and they have almost anything you may need. The place surprises me constantly. When I was in Rochester, driving an hour and a half put me in Buffalo...(a big trip). Now an hour and a half gets me just around the region. It is wierd how things change. A big part is that there are not many interstates or divided highways. All the twists, hills, traffic lights and slow drivers make the trip a lot loger than you think it would take given the ground covered. We actually get on interstat 88 to go to Oneonta for about 45 minutes though.
Trader Online Classified Ads Douglas and I messed around with the jeep in the snow this weekend. We got a few things done, but not much. Movie 1 of Mindless entertainment Movie 2 of Mindless entertainment