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Chisasibi - How We Got There... I am planning a trip for the last weekend in July 2003. We are going to drive on the only road there is to James bay in Quebec. It should be exotic travel but relatively low cost. Our chickens names are: Maude: Large oval eggs, dark color, often dark spots on the ends. Delicious eggs. Mavis: Our favorite, first layer and all around great chicken, just a pleasure to be around. Egg shaped eggs (weird) with a lighter smooth brown color. Delicious eggs. Mabel: The youngest, small eggs, lighter color. Delicious eggs. Mildred: Wicked. Disrupts the entire group with her nest rearrangements and bad attitude, occasional pecks at owners. Misses the rooster more than other chicks. Delicious eggs
eBay - The World's Online Marketplace Let's see about getting photos in my Blogs. Here is a pic of Bonnie and I driving the jeep out in the woods today. We made it up a really steep hill with at least 6 inches of snow on it. The jeep did start spinning its tires however. What about movies? It looks like the best way for videos is to put a link in for movies. I am getting four eggs a day now. We have omelets, pickled eggs, deviled eggs, Hardboiled, poached, fried and scrambled. I have discovered that 28 eggs a week is too many for two people. I will have to sell a few. Here is a short video clip of three of my four chickens. Chickens!!!
NYSEG: Welcome to NYSEG We managed to get the car back. I asked the town folks if they could plow the road up to the car and then I could get a tow truck in there. They plowed, then stopped by the house to get the keys for the car. They got the car out of the ditch and delivered the car to the front door. I certainly needed help. At this point I wish I had photos... but at the time photos really didn't interest me. It turns out the damage is a couple of scratches to Bonnie's car. As part of the overall effort I managed to put a dent in my truck's front bumper. The aftermarket price checks out to be $132.00 for a new one. All in all we were very luck not to have gotten hurt or killed. My new policy is not to drive on Christmas eve. I have had some bad driving experiences on that day... and considering it is Christmas eve, why should I? James and Mary should be off the Costa Rica today. They said they are going to visit some ex-pats and generally have a good tropi