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Strange Machines In August, scientists from the Australian Antarctic Division, traveling by boat on a research mission to attach satellite-tracking devices to whales to study their habitats, managed to capture what they believe is a historical first photo: the water pattern that results from the bubble when a huge whale releases flatulence. Said researcher Nick Gales, "We got away from the bow of the ship very quickly. (I)t does stink." [ (The Australian), 8-14-03] Actual Citation
The World's Weirdest Machines - Page Two Two blogs in one night. I must have some work to do that I am avoiding. ---BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK--- GTW/IT d? !a s: w- Y-- PGP- t+ tv G- E+++** ---END GEEK CODE BLOCK--- To decode
A Commonplace Book: Work Jokes: Meeting Bullshit Bingo I get such a kick out of some of the office rumors/facts that go around work. There was some major secret news at work today (last few days) where the seniors were going around telling the high level managers what the lower folks already knew. It is all about information. Information is everywhere. Management of information is not like the days of the iron curtain. Trust is not something you can count on. The golden rule does not apply. It is an unfortunate. There are new rules of no rules. That also is unfortunate. Integrity must come from within. There is no substitute.
Send an alien a Postcard.. or a Blog for crying out loud. I saw something today that I had never seen before. I saw the end of the rainbow. Truely, it was the end of the rainbow. Although the photo does not show it, (since I had to boot the beast up...blah blah blah..) Anyway, the rainbow was clearly in the foreground of the trees in the pasture before I took this photograph. Bonnie and I were pretty much in awe. Although I do not believe in these things personally, I may be up in the pasture with a metal detector soon enough, ya know now. The little men appearing afterwards had little else to do with things either.