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The difference in making it or not is in assiduousness. No matter what it is. --Charles Dowdell
It is Independence day once again. I am monkeying around with stuff here on the farm. The gates are coming along and I managed to fix a bunch of stuff. It is raining on and off. The llamas got out a week or so ago. It really startled the neighbor to look up from the sink and see Professor looking in the window. The llamas, I guess, were just bored. Here is a picture of my Recirculating Infusion Mash System (Rims) I built a number of years ago. It was quite an innovative device for all grain brewing of beer. I designed the electronics and the compact system. It is now out of my house. I have too may hobbies. I want to concentrate on a few such as the dozen or so I have left. This picture shows Calisto (the white one), Professor, and Artemis chilling on the scene yesterday. Artemis is in the dirt spa. This is where the llamas take turns rolling around in the dust and enjoying their dirt.
I have been mostly doing farm related work. Work on the barn and gates and such. It all takes time. The tractor lost its clutch slave cylinder so I'm rebuilding that, hopefully will have the parts Tuesday. Pete Nystrom is headed down for Tuesday as well for the day. That will be fun. I gave a presentation about Antarctica last Wednesday at the Greene Library. People really seemed to like it. Here is a great slide show in today Chicago Tribune. It has picture and voices of friends of mine. I can easily recognize where each of the photos was taken, as well as who the people are and their voices. Chicago Tribune