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I suppose a lot has been going on. I got in a car wreck the other day, my Skua is toast. Some guy in a BMW pulled into me across stopped traffic. He got a ticket. We both got wrecked cars. I am thankful there were no injuries. I have actually been enjoying yard work. That has got to be a first time in my life. It is definitely hard to kill things here in Georgia. It just keeps growing. Last weekend we heard quite a racket out back. Going to look, there was a helicopter hovering right off the dock over the lake. (conspiracy theory)----> My first thought was that I was glad the helicopter was not a black one. It was a police helicopter, however. If you look really close you can see the camera man in the back seat with a camera towards us. Don't worry, Angie is safe!! We may cross continents, and political spheres, we are doing what is natural and right! <-----(/conspiracy theory)