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Sanswire One Unveiled Stratellite Here is the future. Coincidentally, (NOT) Intel is unveiling its new WiLan chip today as well. This combination seems very viable to me. Global broadband internet access is going to happen. This stratellite thing is great. It is lower cost that rockets, no latency delays for propagation. Let's watch this one.
I had a forester out in the woods the other day. I am getting a better idea on how to manage our woodlot. Nothing is simple. Forest management is gardening on a large timeframe. Harvest this so this one grows and so on. When we were out there I saw some interesting prints. He said they were bear. Nice weather out this weekend. I am stuck doing homework. I still have to figure out next weekend because I am out of town. How am I going to get my homework done. I don't know yet.