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MiningLife - Current Metal Prices Hmm.. is it worthwhile to drive to Scranton PA for bulk coal? I have to get wood out back today snowstorm or not. Also on the list is rear brakes for the Subaru, try out the new llama heater, check the antifreeze on the jeep, burn the trash and some other stuff to be sure.
BKHoliday The above link is kinda fun. Sorry if It offends anyone at Burger King or anyone else.
Led:Untitled: Led's Llamas Business Plan Good Link! However, I find the references to eating llamas repugnant. Below you can see the llama curtain I built. I bought the plastic strips in a roll and fashioned this loading dock door for the llamas. Aries did a llama dance in the pen after he figured out the curtain was passable and kept the family warm. I am installing a very small radient propane heater in the llama house. It will be just enough, I hope, to keep their water liquid. I figure that is the cheapest way of de-icing and helping my llama buddies out on these cold nights.