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Syracuse University I have homework to do today. I also have to work on the house. Drywall (my favorite) BAH! The Elmira hamfest is next weekend. That should be a lot of fun. Doug McManus and Greg Mills and I are going down Friday night and camping out. I have to load the truck to the gills on Thursday night. I will have to remember to get a photo of the truck all loaded up. The new computer is working well. I just spent some time mucking around with the network here at home so douglas can use the printer hooked to my machine. I will be doing alot more screwing around with the network stuff sonn enough. The Linksys Router/switch I bought is definately cool. It is amazing that the functionality that thing has recently cost thousands of dollars. The linksys box cost 150 bucks. Amazing.
Performance Technologies is a global supplier of telecommunications and networking products We had a meeting at work this morning regarding the new building they plan on building. They were originally going to build just up the street but I guess the lease holders aren't happy about the detention center planned to be built adjacent to our site. The mayor is supposed to sho up here Monday. I guess he is going to try and ply management. They are planning a two story building. I have suggested to them that for a team environment, two stories would not be best. I just have a feeling that I will be stationed on the ground floor while the people who have important things to do will be on the second floor. As a technical writer for over 10 years, I am so incredibly sick of other employees considering my job as secondary or fluff. They consider information as a "fill" or "something nice to offer our customers". These people don't understand that infor
Well I forgot to log that I did win my speech contest at the club level. I participated alone. Now it is on to the Area Competition, Area 6 that is. I expect approximately 60 or so people to attend. I hope I can be funny. I taped my last effort... listening to it, I can see that I need to relax a little more. No one thinks a person is funny if they seem uptight. Cheese is the word of the day. I am working on a class assignment on the classifications of cheese. It is very interesting. I only left a few cheese books in the main library in rochester, just a few. Just thinking about all that great cheese makes me reach for the fibercon.
I have an internal interview at work today, for a marketing position. I am curious, to say the least. I got all my computer parts together last night and got it up and running. It is nice to have a big 19 inch screen at home. I have a lot more stuff to do to get the network the way I want it and get my development environment set up. It lokks like my "Theory of Classification" class is finally starting to go.
I have to give my humorous speech tonight. The title is "goals." If I win at the club level I then give the speech at the area level next month. It is kind of fun and kind of stressful.
The brew club Oktoberfest was a lot of fun yesterday. I ate 5 dozen clams, bratwurst, a few different chilis and of course some very good beed, mead and barley wine. All in all, it was a good time. I am kinda tired today. There certainly isn't much activity in my distance class at SU. They seem to be having server problems again. I have a speech to write (humorous), attend TV production training, buy snow tires, plan for tommorow's toastmaster meeting, go to the library to return books, and do homework.