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New Driveway! and Contemporary Logistics

Another couple pics of my new driveway going in on the farm. I dont know about you all, but I get package deliveries and I have no idea of what they are when they arrive. I seem to have some dual thinking. I am usally thinking "where is that thing? Did I order it? Did I plan things right?" And at the same time the stuff I am "waiting on" arrives before I am really waiting. The parcel delivery thing is so fast these days it seems crazy. I can see the discussion of the future (maybe now). "Whadaya mean--- I ordered that blanked-blank DAYS ago! I can't belive these delays!" Maybe I am just of the generation where we mailed in a bunch of box-tops from cereal boxes (to places like Battle Creek Michigan) and had to wait something like 9 weeks for essentially a cracker jack toy--- even if "cracker jack toy" has meaning anymore.