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Here is a link from the dry valleys. I understand that the dry valleys are set up as a hot spot in the summer. Technology civilizes things. Lake Vida Here is blog by an Antarctican Dishwasher Antarctican Dishwasher
I have all sorts of questions about Antarctica. Do I need to carry a wallet? What should I have in the wallet? Do they measure me for ECW or do I need to have my measurements and just try stuff on? What about the physical exam? The physical exam is my last real hurdle. Will I pass? I am scared thinking about it...but I am confident I am physically fit enought winter over, easy. My offical offer has not come in the mail yet. It is supposed to be here in the next couple of days with instructions. I am so excited. I am telling/asking work tommorow. The cats out of the bag soon. What is it like to have the sun up all the time, no nighttime, more importantly to sunrise or sunset. I do suspect McMurdo is just as they say, like a mining town and all that entails. What do I need to bring for clothes? What are the showers like? How is the food? How much of an opportunity is there to spend money? How cold will it feel? How windy will it be? How many places will I visit. How far from
I am learning how to use the new camera. Although the GUI for both the camera and download software seem somewhat unconventional it will come together. I never much enjoy learning a new GUI. It all seems like a waste and very fleeting, not to be useful long term. One of the nice features is the ability to pre-stitch photos together in the camera. Yesterday, I did firewood, car brakes, mower deck, organized/sort auction stuff, got supplies, and few other things. Bonnie, among other things, gathered a bunch of berries.