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I have finally got around to blogging. The bakery is coming along. The plumbing is done and the electric needs to get finished. The heat-hood for over the ovens goes in Monday. The project is a little behind, but not too bad. I got in a battle with the folks that sold me the water heater for my solar system. They sold me the wrong unit, one without a heat exchanger. That of course wouldn't do me any good. So, I bellied up several hundred more dollars, disconnected and returned the non-exchanger model. I pick up the new one, get it home and wouldn't you know it. It was damaged in shipment. So I am waiting on a new one. Man, this has been a while getting the system done. The end is in site however. Just some insulation, wiring, and a few fittings and it will be ready for testing. I have been using so little fuel oil for water-heat now. I will be down to almost nothing with this system. I got 1600 lbs of coal. That will last me the rest of the winter. The furnace has yet to co