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It's About Connectivity Not The Internet! Today is Bonnie's birthday
SINGLE to 3 PHASE CONVERTER It was busy day. Now it is off to toastmasters in Owego. I have a minor role, but we have new members. I have to be there at 7:00 pm. It was 6 degrees this morning. It sounds like it will be in the fifties this weekend. Woo Hoo!
Toaster Tech Talk This link is has instructions to turn your toaster into an internet ready bread printer. Cool
The Running Network -- Main Page Sometimes my blogger pop-up works and sometimes it doesn't. I think some websites may supress the pop-up. I am unsure of how they do that. It must be with a javascript. It is about 13 degrees today. We got a far bit of snow this weekend. Neverthe less Bonnie managed to get the chicken coop clean and the llama house. So when it gets warmer ther will be less stink. I had quite a bit of homework. It looks like it takes about 6 hours of work a week for this class. There are no further short cuts, It just takes time and concentration. A lot of new concepts for me. It is exciting to learn new things. There was neat progam about cows last night on PBS. Something as simple as a cow... who woulda thunkit?