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The list gets long this time of year. Today the weather is perfect. The grasses have grown a lot in the last two weeks. It makes mowing a priority when I am trying to cultivate the finer grasses. I am headed to the scrap yard this weekend. The old farm junk is worth an unbelievable amount these days. So I am going to redeem the junk for cash using my new equipment trailer. The llamas are all happy after I told them about getting sheared in a couple of weeks. They are hot these days and don't like to leave the barn. They need haircuts bad! I bought the first major component for the solar domestic system. I am still designing the rest. In the process of finding components (a lot more available than there used to be) I found an opportunity to be an exclusive distributor in the US for a nice combination controller made in China. I will be persuing that opportunity if the unit works right for me. Fuel prices being so high is definately creating opportunities. I may have a donor