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llama packing, news, equipment, literature and ranch source It is just a few hours until the divsion speech contest. My speech as about my llamas. "It took me exactly 3 minutes to learn that rope, trees and llamas do not mix as I was lifting a llama off me"
CuraGen Corporation Investor Relations This is a neat milestone. The true visualization of how DNA works is not far away for humans.
How To Become A Good Orator? I must practice for my humorous speech contest this weekend. I am a wreck over this... but it is always worthwhile. I get better every time!.
Image -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids Karl Kuehn took some great aurora borealis photos the other night. Very impressive.
RecycleNet Scrap Metals Index - Online Market Prices Scrap metal prices are sometimes surprising to folks. The value of junk can really make a difference in projects and the bottom line. The real "scrappers" don't want people to know how much scrap metal is worth since you are effectively bypassing the middle man if you would throw it out. The scrappers will get the dividend picking through the trash at the tipping floor. Information is power, or in this case information is beer money.