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Birds at Canary Lake and Cardinal Lake Duluth Georgia

Some mornings the birds are so loud it really sets a mood. It is a good mood that should be allowed to saturate. Here is a list of some of the birds I have heard and/or seen between 2014 and 2024. Great Blue Heron Yellow Crowned Night Heron Baltimore Oriole Eastern Bluebird Eastern Screech Owl Veery Red Shouldered Hawk Red Bellied Woodpecker Common Nighthawk Gray Catbird Worm-Eating Warbler Wood Thrush Fish Crow Great Crested Flycatcher Swainson's Thrush American Crow House Finch Belted Kingfisher Carolina Chickadee Pine Warbler House Wren White Throated Sparrow Brown Headed Cowbird Carolina Wren White Breasted Nuthatch Mourning Dove Ruby Throated Hummingbird Eastern Towhee Blue Jay Northern Cardinal Pileated Woodpecker Chickadee Eastern Catbird American Robin Downy Woodpecker Song Sparrow Brown Thrasher Green Heron American Goldfinch Chipping Sparrow Kingfisher Canada Goose Mallard Duck Mocking Bird White Crowned Sparrow Black-hea