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If I haven't mentioned it, I am working for Edwards Lifesciences in Irvine California. Its a fantastic company and a great place to work. AGCO decided to outsource my global team. I am (and was) dead set against it. It made no realistic business sense. I have moved on. I have been doing some consulting as well. They say you pay for the beautiful weather in Southern California. You pay straight up with dollars for housing, gas and other things. But on the other side of the deal the weather is so nice (even compared to Florida in the Winter) you forget it is Winter and there are blizzards raging in familiar places. It really is that nice. I bought another Nissan Leaf. We have Fish East and Fish West. This is a picture of Fish West while I was parked scoping out another place to charge it up. My work provides free fast changing stations. The battery isn't that good on Fish West. So I am trying to figure out a cheap way for replacement. Maybe there isn't one.