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"The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It" Alan Kay
Google Search: llama footnotes I feel rested today. I should ...I have been sleeping a lot lately. I feel that I am making up for lost sleep over the last couple of years. I guess I should be really happy that I am sleeping...'cause I was miserable when I wasn't. We had a good Toastmasters meeting at work Tuesday. This club is off to a great start. I did all my christmas shopping on ebay this year. Talk about convienience.. I was getting my shopping done in my bathrobe at 4:30 AM all from the comfort of my home. I thought of an quote building on a famous quote. There are no shortages of work. There are only shortages of money. Likewise, there are no shortages of opportunities to grow and learn without spending money.
SonyStyle USA I am trying to get my digital camera repaired. My computer is giving me fits. I remember when I enjoyed figuring out what the problems were with the computer (a long time ago). Now I rely on the computer so much I really dislike the problems. It was cold yeaterday. It was -7 degrees. That is very cold for December 9th. I have gone into hibernation mode for the most part and I go to bed early.
The Dowdell Farm, Berkshire N.Y. I got a few things done yesterday, not much though. I got the substarte for the new barn door repaired. John said he would come over and trade the rooster for a hen that he mistakenly sold me. Theat rooster is mean to me. When I go in looking for eggs he attacks me from behind as soon as I turn my back. The rooster doesn't attck Bonnie at all. We may have three layers at this point. We are unsure of where that last egg came from. We are hopeful that we will hae 4 laying hens soon. I have to build the barn door. 7 foot 2 by 9 foot 6 is the size. I am using T&G pine and the doors will have 4 "X"s on the outside face for strenght and appearance.