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I had an MRI of my foot. The achilles tendon is torn. I am getting around, but I have to be very careful. I am using the crutches a lot. If I am not careful I can rupture it then it has to be connected surgically. I expect to be in a splint boot for a number of weeks. With the boot I can safely apply pressure to the leg. I got the back field mowed. Every time it gets better. We will take hay off it this year. The Holder tractor mows about 4 acres an hour. It takes me a bit over 4 hours to get the field done. I seem to have run over a skunk with it or something. The smell is pretty well dissipated now, however. The project is to rebuild the basement wall this Memorial day weekend. I have two new swinging patio doors. They were not cheap. They set me back about 4200.00 bucks and took two months to arrive. It is in preparation for getting the decks done and the house finished.