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How to be a more efficient employee This url is a handy boss url. Keep it handy so when he or she comes up behind you unexpectedly you can bail from your otherwise waste of time activity. I remember some early computer games had a boss key so when you pressed F11 a spreadsheet popped up. Your game was still safe although not visible until the coast was clear and you toggled the F11 key.
vBay - Your Dumpster Diving Community Vbay, ebay it is all the same. It is all just material stuff. Does it matter? You can't take it with you ya know. However, I do have have just a little bit set aside though just in case it turns out you can. The nights are getting cooler. The sun is setting earlier. I like this time of year. I feel pretty good. I think I may be figuring out some stuff. That always makes me feel good.
Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches Please do not attempt these pop tart experiments at home. I am sure they are trained professionals and they know the meaning of DANGER. Besides, didn't anyone ever tell you not to play with your food!! --------Other news---- This should probably should be a new blog. HOWeverrr, FAWN wore a halter for the first time tonight! It took a lot out of her...and a lot out of me!. She is large and she is the last of our animals to wear a halter. it is great. She was sooo nervous. But she did it! She yanked on me and yanked. She fell once, ran into some stuff. She never came close to hurting herself but to get an adult llama haltered is a big deal in my book. I never had large animals before this group of five we got last march. It is a different kind of animal. One that could pounce on you or drag you around. It is scary. I was wary of her lunging at me. The first time Calisto scared the crap out of me seeing a large animal legs up