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I am back from NY. I flew up from Georgia and drove my truck down with a load of stuff from the farm. Having "stuff" is fine except it all requires attention especially as you move and more repositories you have. I am sure the day I die it will all be much simpler (at least for me). I did some electrical work to my church. The cat is out of the bag now. More work is sure to come. I went skiing for a couple of days. I am proud of myself and my progress. I can actually ski! Like flying, skiing is a good way to escape. It's hard (and downright unsafe) to think about work pressures when in the air or on the slopes. We saw a number of paraplegics on skis. That is inspiring. The drive back to Georgia was similar to last time I drove down, but this time I noticed minute by minute, mile by mile: The gas getting cheaper (near 4 bucks in NY and near 3 buck in GA) The temperature getting warmer (Teens in NY and 60s in GA) The sky becoming much sunnier The rain and snow stopping