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My Morning Walks

I was recently reminded about the importance of frequent walks. Its a great multi-dimensional therapy, and it is still free. This possom startled me the other day on my walk. I was in my zone, mostly looking down and passed just inches away from him. The hissing and pointy sharp teeth convinced me to do a double-step away. I often visit the many trains that pass through town here in Duluth GA. This particular train is a "milk run". It has about ten cars. It makes its way up from Inman yard in Atlanta to service the many business through this corridor. Many business get their deliveries through trains here. Train runs are not limited to the mega-huge enterprises, inland ports and Amtrak service. These are smallish operations. Some examples include cardboard manufacturing, scrap metal, drywall manufacturing, lumber wholesaling, and cement deliveries for making concrete.

African Adventure and Satellite Location Tracking

I don't usually post too much about upcoming travel. I am making an exception. Next week I am going on an eight country trip in Southern Africa. It's a solo trip. It's quite complicated and plans are just that --plans. Reality makes its own plans. Below is the URL of my rented satellite GPS messenger ( Spot X ) The URL will track and show you my location for two weeks starting Feb 6th, 2024. You will need to zoom in on Southern Africa.