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Viburnum Leaf Beetle (VLB) Citizen Science - Home page We have volunteered to participate in a "Viburnum Leak Beetle Study" this coming year. We will make observations of the beetle on our 20 acres of Arrowood Viburnum. Last year we didn't see any. We were not looking either. The arrowwood looks very healthy. It looks so healthy that we are trying to figure out the market angle. The study will guide us to one it there is one. The hot crop seems to be American Ginsing. We may have some. It is said to be the most valuable (expensive) herb in North america. Now that we know the ID we will be diligent looking for it.
The Industrial Revolution 1700-1900 I managed to relax a little over the weekend. I did not find it very satisfying however. There is a lot to think about. I feel terrible about the folks that were laid off. I am going to a Toasmasters demo meeting in Geneseo tommorow night. I think in January I have 12 Toastmaster engagements. That is a lot. I have been learning alot as Area 11 Governor. It gives me a much better perspective than if I was not engaged in the organization. It is such a positive organization. I have to get some boxes weighed today that I am sending out to the west coast.
BBC World Service on yahoo! Broadcast I am thinking of buying the following machine. It is weird but it looks like a great deal. Why can't I be normal?
Michael Porter's Big Ideas We had Toastmaster's officer training the other day. I presented a piece on "Service and Leadership". I really enjoy that topic. There is alot to it when it is said that great leaders serve. Or that there is a "following part of leading". I find it to be profoundly true. If we look at some of the great leaders (independent of style) we can see that although they are often authoritarian, they still believe that are doing it for the masses. Interesting stuff. The power went off again. That make it three times for this series of storms.