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From my long time friend in Japan, Hey Chuck, We're OK. Stuck at home, but we have power, heat, food and some water so we're fine for a day or two. Had to walk about 25 miles until I could find a taxi - my legs and feet are on fire. Other than that, and the memory of wondering if our office building and others would still be standing at the end of teh day (they are, the quality of construction is fucking remarkable), we're FINE. Just resting for now, though we live basically right next to the ocean so we're watching the tsunami updates incase we have to get out of here. NOST
The weather was too bad to get in the air in the Atlanta area for VFR. I am going up Wednesday evening. I am not doing much traveling this month. It is a bit weird. Saturday I had breakfast with a Flight Instructor for Delta, saw a presentation from an expert Cave Diver, then an Aviation safety seminar and then to look at the "Liberty Belle B-17". These war birds are impressive thinking that there were half a dozen kids crammed into these things trying to kill the enemy. A lot of bravery was needed that's for sure. I have a hard enough time without someone shooting at me. I will be going for a ride in the yellow open-cockpit plane in a couple of weeks.