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NSC Issue - Agricultural Safety Thanksgiving was good. We had lobsters and NY strip steaks. Yeah, diet food, uh huh. I made lobster stock last night and today. I expect to make some awesome lobster bisque in a couple of weeks. It made the whole house smell like fish, but the stock turned out very lobstery. We shall see when we as we work through the clarification process. James and I worked on the Holder Tractor today. It runs great now. I am trying to get the heat working
The Labyrinth Society Today. It struck me. I will create a labyrinth for our llama walks. I have the land, grass, space, desire, mower, and even llamas. What a great idea. I will be researching patterns and figuring out how to survey it. This will be great fun. labyrinths are famous for psychic healing through the patterns and exercise. What a strees reliever it will be. Imagine ariving at our farm and taking a llama for a walk through a one mile labyrinth and then walking with the llama through some of the prettiest forest you have ever experienced. After that we make brunch out in the clearing around the old thorn apple tree. You can relax in a hammock as the llamas are in their holding pen at that point. After brunch we make our way back to the world just in time to begin a great winery tour of New York state fingerlakes region. Doesn't that sound like folks would want to spend money for a day like that? I think so. If you every wanted a good working model of what Information Architecture is the above link may help. This guy is working on Information Architecture. Ishould be sleeping.