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It's the weekend again. I have been living alone in this house since I moved in 18 months ago. The property has appreciated (a quick look on the HP 12c shows 44% in this time) nicely. People have a tendency to forget that they are spending their money twice when they are investing in the place they live. This is a true bubble. A basic need is to have a place to live, where is your baseline? I don't need a extravagant place to live and I have options. I can comfortably rent a place again if I need to. I received my new computer. It is replacing my Dell that I bought in 2003. 10 years is good for a computer. It was time. I expect to have the place up in NY rented again. I like that place so much. The more I learn the more I realize that your inner vision is precisely what you get on the outside or physical world. The appearance of "O drag√£o verde" in his retreat clinches it. I have been studying about the green dragon.