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Falafel My class is over! I passed. It looks like I got B-. That was a life changing event for me. I learned about myself more than I may have learned about the class material. It was challenging. I may not go back to school. Seattle was good. The conference sessions were good. It was great to see our manual out there in front of Microsoft, IBM and Cisco Systems. People were impressed. The big thing at the conference is DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture). There is a lot of hype about DITA and we are contemplating using DITA as our DTD or a derivitive. IBM is strongly backing the freely available DTD. That always makes me suspicious. I went out to dinner with some sales guys and had a good time. One night I went out for Egyptian food. That was great. I need to make falafel at home. Pete is coming down to borrow my bobcat for a week. I need to work on my truck this weekend. It needs brakes bad. I will start catching up on all the work around here that has not been getting