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I have been finishing up the front of the barn. Jeff helped me hang the upper door. I got my low voltage remote switching relay in the mail yesterday for the light. It is coming together. Bonnie made a fall wreath to hang on the upper door. It opens in so we can easily change the wreath depending on the season. The llamas are well. Current animal count is five llamas, six chickens and that's it. We will be interviewing cats this week. "So what are your plans say 4 years from now? Do you think catching mice will be interesting to you?" I sold my old honda Motorcycle. I hadn't started it in about 6 years. It was a 1971 model. The phone has been ringing off the hook. I must have priced it too low at 100 bucks. The satellite internet access at home has been up and down at home. It is really getting on my nerves. The POP3 service hasn't worked in a week. I have been keeping in touch with friends from Antarctica and I am involved in a couple of projects with the