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Wow. That week was fast! I hired a personal trainer. I am having a metabolic study done Saturday so I can find my fat burning band. It is all pretty interesting. The workout I get with the personal trainer is pretty much amazing. It really makes that much of a difference. I learn a lot and my muscles are getting taught new things. I ordered a new keyboard for my other laptop off ebay. The N and B keys aren't working. That is the computer with all the pics on it so I will have to mess around to get a pic posted here. I haven't been taking many pics in the last few days. I guess it all seems pretty routine around here now. The traffic can get really bad. You have to plan. I spent 1/2 an hour the other day going about 6 miles and that was normal for that stretch that time of day. Crazy. I am starting to get used to the really nice weather. The fall is really nice here. 50 degrees leaving for work and 70s during the day with clear sunny skys. Atlanta suits me well for a big cit