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Wow. What a summer. It has been surprisingly wet as far as summers go. The lawn keeps growing green. The hay has been tough to get in because of the lack of consecutive drying days. This is the time of year when some of my friends are getting ready to head back to Antarctica. I will be with some of them as some sort of spiritual stowaway. There are always stories from the ice. I feel connected still. I was reflecting how peaceful it is on the ice with a friend. He agreed. It is a great escape from reality. That is why he goes back every year. I went to a party last weekend up in Canadaigua, It was good. I made some solar energy contacts. I have almost all the components for my domestic hot water system. I know that one ad in the paper and I would be instantly booked and committed for installs. It is all about planning. Just like flying. My mentor and I finally made it on the circuit from Greene, Cortland, Norwich, Sidney, Greene (4N7-N03-OIC-N23-4N7). My flight planning went prett