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It is officially Summer. I am working on the front of the barn. The long ladder is a little un-nerving for me, but it is a lot cheaper than a manlift. The llamas got out one night last week and went to visit the neighbors and we bought 100 bales of hay off another neighbor. It is pretty amazing how few calories you need when the weather is warm. It was kind of fun to be able to eat all that food when I was working outside in Antarctica. I still haven't got back to the pre-ice dietary regimen, close but not quite yet. The red truck is for sale on Ebay. No bids yet. Truck on ebay I am working on a combination Ham radio and Antarctica project. I didn't get on the air for the annual field day contest yesterday. No real reason. I went on a walk Saturday morning though our woods to (and through) the county park. I need to do that more often. It is about a 1/2 mile walk through our fields, then a 1/2 mile through our woods, and then a mile or so through the park to the lake. O