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The Dowdell Farm, Berkshire N.Y. The office is an absolute mess here at home. I have disk drives hanging out of the computer chassis and disks and cds strewn about. I have the main disk drive backed up now. I am pissed though, some how I only got half of the 20 gig drive formated. I am still thinking about what to do next with the computer here. What a mess!!!! At this point I have lost no data. I am hesitant to embark on an ebay deal though, since my computer infrastructure is not solid. The llama chute will be done tommorow. I have combined ideas from several designs and I plan on making detailed drawings of my rendition. I have designed it so I can move it around with the bobcat and load it into my truck with the bobcat by myself. The animals are very happy. We touch them more and more and I can can hang on to professor and aries for long periods of time. Their nails will be trimmed soon and their new pasture will be ready soon as well. I have a 15 foot brush hog in the driv
I haven't posted too much lately. no real reason. I guess the good weather has distracted me and my computer work. My hard drive is making some noise... so if you don't see me on line you know what happened. I have a 10 gig backup drive but I have to install it. If it isn't one thing it is another.