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It is the weekend again. We had our first snow this morning and I was out back with the Jeep early. I dressed for the cold and it triggered a nerve or two. First of all it wasn't really cold and that it was so humid even though it was sort of cold. Hypothermia is much more likely when things are damp. In fact, most cases of hypothermia involve moisture, not cold, as the primary constituent. It is great to have robust internet (actually working) and the varied electronic devices accessed of late. I mounted the flat screen tv on the wall and I triaged the Fisher amp that gave me a smoke genie last Saturday morning, weird. Don't know what caused it besides me flicking a switch or two. DC coupled amps can be problematic. I may have to upgrade to a pair of McIntosh 275s to go with the "unsmoked" McIntosh Preamp I still have in the array. I had the strangest dream last night. I was in a novel about a wierd evacuation from a polar research station. Coincidentally, Mc