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It appears I am getting a new ISP, new satellite internet connection and a new email address. I have finally had it with Earthlink and their Satellite connection. I am getting some new service Oct 17th. It will be a welcome relief with the problems and poor customer service over these years. It reminds me of my old hosting company. The problems just grate on you and grate on you. It is quite a relief after you invest the time to get a new supplier. It was quite iritaing when my earthlink email stopped working when I was in Antarctica last year. The current problems are mess between slow connections limited Internet access. The video didn't seem to work on the previous post. It is a new system. They will get it going at some point. My Departmnet won the Center for information Developmnet Managemnet (CIDM) Rare Bird award this Year! Thta is a big deal. We are dwarfed by the compition and the other submmisions came from Microsoft, Cadance, Mentor Graphics and others. It feels gr