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Professional Drone Pilot

I am spending more attention on drone work. I am licensed, I have a drone. Skills building. I tagged along with a fellow pilot and learned how it is done. A to Z.

Georgia Weather and the Philosophy of Existential Remodeling

It was cold and blustery in Atlanta, at least for half a day or so. It snowed, but no accumulation. The winds got up to 40 mph and temps into the low 20s. Miserable for sure for Atlanta norms. But like in California this "bad" weather keeps people at home and makes it easier to shop and drive. The remodeling work progressed this weekend. Guest bath toilet moved and installed. Floor is prepared for tile and the plumbing and electrics are mocked up almost ready for completion. The one piece figerglass shower stall is still not due here for a couple more weeks. It will barely fit in the house. The window sashes will need to be removed and in it goes through the window opening. No way would it fit through the doors and halls. The characteristic of this kind of work is that it is semi-permanent. Good and bad comes with long lasting changes. It is something to rely on, but also something you have to live with.