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District 65 Toastmasters Web Page I am headed to the southern division speech contest today at the Brothers 2 restaurant in Endwell. The llamas are getting more and more used to us. They cush and allow more touching. I think is important that it seems they do not like talking. They are much more comforatble if you don't talk. They approach and watch.
The Why-Files Here is a portrait of Aries at breakfast.
BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Kurd guerrillas seize Iraqi positions I think it is LD-4 today. The llamas wer fun last night. Bonnie and I went out there after dark and just stood in their paddock waiting for them to approach us. They never really did. The cat thinks its great though. The llamas see him accross the yard and all point and snort at him. They don't know what to make of the cat yet. The cat has an anvange being able to dart in and out of the fenced area however. I am heading to an auction today. It is over in Lisle, looks big.
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters Well it is the start of LD-3. The llamas seem happy. However, they are skittery. Bonnie and I have only been able to touch/pet three of the five animals. It will take time to train thes critters. The water was froze over this morning. Their heavy coats are well suited for our climate. It just dipped below freezing and we did not have the heater on. The animals like grain that is for sure. Calista was wearing hay for a hat this morning. I did not have the camera with me but it would have been a good photo of a goofy llama. They are comfortable with their house. I was getting concerned that they may not like it for some reason but it appears they do like it. Most of them slept inside it last night. Work is bothering me. It was nice to spend a couple of minutes with the beasts, They are just so curious!
Belfast Telegraph The first day of llamas was fun. They are skittery, as we knew. It was great fun introducing the cat to the llamas. The llams wer very curios and the cat was apprehensive.The llamas all started frolicing at one point and thgey were jumping and jerking their heads. You can tell it was a dance of happiness in their new home. They all have names now. We have Professor, Fawn(a), Callisto, Aries, and Artemis.
Gilfus Family Found Guilty The llamas have landed!
The New York Times on the Web Today is LD-1. That is short for llama day one. The five llamas will arrive at approximately 11:00 AM. We are getting them from the humane society. Presumabaly the llamas were abused. They are fine now, albeit perhaps more skittery than other llamas. We have decided to name them after Greek and Roman gods. We have named Artemis and Fawna. The rest are to be named. I will post photos later today. I have to go out and place food, hay, straw and water.