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Jim McQueen sent me this vintage footage digitized from an old 8 mm film. He says that his brother Scott is in the clip and that the clip is a > Bathtub Race held in Berkshire in the 1970s.
Tioga County NY It is official. I am now a member of the Tioga County NY planning board. The Berkshire town board took a vote and voted me in as the Town's appointment to the county board. You never know where things are going. This will be different and fun.
I have committed my weekend almost entirely to computers. I bought a new one. I bought a dell 8400 3.2 GHz with a gig a ram and and 160 g HD. I decided as part of this effort I would review my computer situation and get as many of them working as possible and networked. It all takes time, especially for me cause I don't call tech support much and I enjoy figuring stuff out. I have 4 computers working at this writing which is 4 more than at the beginning of the weekend. This exercise has been a great time for me to reflect on the computers in my personal life. I remember the feeling when I bought my SX 64 that I worked on today. I bought it from COMB for about $650. It must have been 1985. I was elated at the power and enjoyed having the gadget tremendously. Then I got my first PC. I pieced together parts starting with a 40 meg drive that was flakey from work. I scrounged other components over time and I bought a case from Jamco and pieced together parts and software fo