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DJ and I met in the Berkshire Mountains this past weekend. I had a meeting in Boston Monday. I noticed that Delta spelled backwards is ATLed. How appropriate. I have to face it. Delta is my new airline. They do good with their marketing with upgrades and so on. The Atlanta airport really is quite a marvel. It is the world's busiest airport measured by the number of passengers. There are 5 parallel runways. When I am walking out to my car it is normal to hear more than half a dozen planes in the air around the airport all the time. You are almost always landing or taking off with at least one other plane next to you. It is a busy place. I am getting to know the subtle tricks getting around in there. Private pilots and corporate jets don't come close to this place. PDK (Peachtree Dekalb) is even too close for most private pilots. There are a lot of corporate jets in and out of there. I spotted a doodlebug in a junk yard in MA. They are Americana at its finest. Unfortunately t