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The Russian Ukraine War

The Russian invasion of Ukraine hit pretty hard here at home. The first few days I really couldn't talk about it. Some folks called us and asked our opinions about the situation. Of course we heard that it was coming. It has been coming for the last 8 years or so. And with Crimea now having cars with Russian license plates, really validated the possibilities. The campaign for the New Russian Empire wont be easily quelled. Angie has family, money and property in Russia. Luckily we dont have any of these in Ukraine. There was some scurring around to get money moved into safe(r) banks. As with all war, the folks that pay are the refugees. Yes, the combatants take the brunt physically and emotionally. But the families of the combatants, the displaced and the dispora have their lives significantly changed-- generally forever. To us this is clearly Putin's last seige. How long and where it ultimately goes will only be determined by how long he lives. I really find it distast