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We are back from our most complex trip yet. This time in South East Asia. Some stats: 8 countries (not including the US) 10 flight segments 6 airlines 14 days 4 boats 1 elephant ride 1 scooter rental Countries: South Korea Thailand Cambodia Laos Vietnam Singapore Brunei Philippines Cambodia For Cambodia we concentrated on Siem Reap since that is the city closest to Angor Wat. The Angor Wat park complex is enormous. The active temples have oscillated between Buddhist and Hindu over the years. We were quite interested in a huge stone carving depicting a great battle. It is very similar to the Bayeux Tapestry. Interesting, the Bayeux Tapestry predates the Angor Wat carving by about 100 years (1066). We also liked Angor Thom best, the temples with the large faces. Good vibes there for sure. I haven't seen this type of pull-tab on a can for probably 30 years (or more). Apparently bamboo scaffolding is still used in Cambodia. Vietnam Vietnam is a photographer's