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I have been particularly busy lately. I bought a sports car. I never thought I would, but I did. I purchased a Honda S2000. It is part investment and part fun car. It looks good in my garage. My awesome sister drove it up to Atlanta from Florida while I was in Phoenix. A few weeks back I found myself following a "Federal Police Car", really. I am not sure who these folks are. (actually Google "FPS police") Look at the license plates. The sides of the SUV are lettered up with "Federal Police". I will also add that the driver had little or no regard for motor vehicle laws. They were speeding, driving quite aggressively, not using turn signals, etc. I do give them credit for stopping at least 1 traffic light. I matched their aggressive driving to take the picture. What would they do turn around and pull me over for doing the same stuff they were doing? The antenna length is unique, looks like it is just above the commercial FM band. Welcome to the future.