Showing posts from May 4, 2003
Well I am back. I lost little data. You will always looose something though. It takes time to get the machine the way it was. Hopefully it is better now. It was not shutting down well before. The registry was kinda messy. Now I have a 20 Gig and a 40 Gig drive in the machine. I expect that to be the last upgrade for this box. I don't need the fastest most powerful machine. The Satelite Internet link is my bottle neck. Last weekend Bonnie and I went to visit Bob and DJ McCullough in the next town over to see their baby pygmy goats. They are fun. I will post a pic as soon as I rediscover my passwords for the ftp connection to the server.
My hard drive gave up the ghost!!>! I am blogging from my work computer. Unfortunately, I only have one computer at home so I cannot get my email etc. I am still trying to get everything situated with teh new hard drives. These things take time if you are attempting to save data. I apoligize for all the emial that has gone unanswered.