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This morning after Church I went and stopped into the D&D in Duluth and waited to see what interesting person I would meet this morning. They have a bit of a coffee house setup (seems appropriate). I met an interesting guy, retired, as a senior product guy for the furniture industry. It was an interesting conversation learning his path. He is also an economic refugee from upstate NY (I meet people all the time like this). He was an actual student of Buckminster Fuller. I really do like meeting these people with these all very different stories on the airplanes, airports, and coffee shops. It is one of the things I liked about Antarctica. I was alone, but not lonely. There was always someone interesting to meet. The folks in Northern Atlanta often have a life of success and are still very much approachable and grounded. The pic is of Minneapolis in the morning. I never get sick of the views of cities from the air. In a small plane this view is the same. Monday afternoon I am off